Legal Notices and Contact Information

In accordance with § 5 Telemedia Act providers of telemedia services are required to ensure that information as to their identity is visible, easily obtainable and constantly available. Often, this is achieved through having an option to view a menu entitled ‘legal notices’, ‘contact information’ or ‘about us’. Telemedia in this respect encompasses websites, eBay profiles and company profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

The primary objective of this legislation is to protect consumers. However, the provision of contact information also aids competitors who wish to find out who the owner of a website is or against whom to commence legal proceedings. The contact information provided must include clear details and allow for easy identification of the provider. Such information can include the full name of a company, its legal form, the owner or natural persons entitled to represent the company, the address, contact details such as telephone number, e-mail address and fax number and registration details.

It can be difficult to know what information needs to be provided and in which order. That’s why warning letters for infringements are sent so often.

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Christian Solmecke ist Partner der Kanzlei WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE und inbesondere in den Bereichen des IT-, des Medien- und des Internetrechts tätig. Darüber hinaus ist er Autor zahlreicher juristischer Fachveröffentlichungen in diesen Bereichen.

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