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Can Google+ users be held liable for posting web links?

An Austrian court is to decide whether Google+ users can be held liable for posting web links to critical comments. The legal question revolves around whether users endorse the content on the external website.
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Publishing police searches on Facebook – a legal appraisal

Forces across North Rhine-Westphalia use Facebook to publish police searches. Is conducting police hunts via Facebook legal? Christian Solmecke, German lawyer and partner at WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE conducts an appraisal. Weiterlesen →

BITKOM fordert Konsequenzen aus Abhörskandal

Im Zuge der Abhöraffäre um die Geheimdienste hat der Hightech-Verband BITKOM nun Konsequenzen gefordert. Weiterlesen →

Defending against Facebook bullying – a practical challenge

The advantages of social networks are apparent. They allow people to stay in contact with millions of people worldwide by posting entries, links and comments. But what happens if the social network is used against you? Can you defend against Facebook bullying? Weiterlesen →

Right to be forgotten to become law in California

From 2015 minors in California will obtain the “right to be forgotten”. It means they will be able to request that content is deleted from Facebook or other similar social networks. Weiterlesen →

NSA-Affäre und Datenschutz interessiert die Jugend nicht

Der NSA-Abhörskandal und die Diskussionen um Datenschutz sind für die Jugend nicht von Interesse, so das Ergebnis einer Umfrage.  Weiterlesen →

Children’s apps not suitable for children

In a recent study, the German Consumer Association found that many children’s apps are unsuitable. In total, 32 free apps were investigated. Weiterlesen →

The new Facebook terms of service – are they legal?

Facebook has announced it intends to amend its terms of service. The changes should allow the social network to make greater use of personal data for commercial purposes. However, there are concerns that the new Facebook terms of service would be legal. Weiterlesen →

Facebook relaxes rules on contests and promotions

Facebook recently relaxed its rules on contests and promotions to make it easier for businesses to promote their products. While many businesses welcome the simplified measures, there are legal aspects to consider. Weiterlesen →

Zeus Trojan used to boost Instagram profiles with fake likes

Cybercrime: The US security firm, RSA, reports that a modified version of the Zeus Trojan, which has infected millions of computers since it was first identified over five years ago, has been modified by hackers to boost the image of Instagram accounts. Weiterlesen →