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Breakthrough in US data protection negotiations

The USA has announced its intention to pass legislation which will allow European Union citizens not domiciled in the US to enforce their data protection rights. European Union Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship welcomed the announcement.
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Microsoft resists US government warrant for foreign e-mail data

One of the world’s most prominent e-mail providers, Microsoft, has announced its resistance to a US government warrant seeking disclosure of e-mail data held in a data centre in Ireland.
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The German Press Council has publicly reprimanded the German online newspapers, and (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung). In total, the Press Council’s complaints committee issued reprimands in four cases. Weiterlesen →

Concerns over privacy as Facebook buys WhatsApp

The social media network, Facebook, has bought the messaging service WhatsApp for $19bn. With the deal comes concern over privacy and data protection. Some users have already turned their backs on the messaging service. Weiterlesen →

German Ministry of Justice plans draft bill on data retention

Germany’s Ministry of Justice has announced plans to develop a draft bill on data retention. The Government, however, will await judgment from the European Court of Justice on the topic before introducing a formal bill. Weiterlesen →

Governments urged to strengthen international privacy law

At the 35th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, data protection and privacy commissioners adopted resolutions on a number of important privacy issues. Strengthening international privacy law and web tracking were just two interesting topics. Weiterlesen →

Class-action lawsuit against Google rejected

A US federal court in Delaware has rejected a class-action lawsuit against Google. A group of consumers had claimed that Google had caused them harm by circumventing the privacy settings on Apple’s web browser Safari. Weiterlesen →

Are you allowed to shoot down illegal drones?

The German train operator, Deutsche Bahn, recently announced it wants to use drones equipped with cameras to pursue graffiti sprayers. Since then, public concern over the use of drones and the dangers they bring has grown. Weiterlesen →

Judgment forcing Yahoo to take part in PRISM to be made public

Details of how Yahoo was forced by a court order to participate in the US intelligence surveillance programme, PRISM, are to be made public. Weiterlesen →

Data protection to strengthen under EU proposals

Telecommunication companies and ISPs recurrently report incidents of customers’ personal data being lost, stolen or compromised in some other way. Legislative proposals from the European Commission seek to introduce rules which define how such incidents should be handled. Weiterlesen →