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Negative Amazon review leads trader to claim EUR 70,000 compensation

The Augsburger Allgemeine reports that an Amazon customer is being sued for EUR 70,000 after leaving a negative online review. The compensation is being sought by a trader, whose account was suspended, allegedly as a result of the negative review. Is the trader’s action justified?
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The rules and limits on investigative journalism

Investigative journalists regularly run the risk of overstepping legal boundaries. This article discusses some of the possible criminal and civil sanctions that can apply to investigative journalism activities such as conducting research or publishing secret information received through informants. Weiterlesen → and reprimanded by German Press Council

The German Press Council has publicly reprimanded the German online newspapers, and (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung). In total, the Press Council’s complaints committee issued reprimands in four cases. Weiterlesen →

Is secret video surveillance in the workplace legal?

The German Employment Appeals Tribunal has set the record straight in a judgment on the use of secret video surveillance in the workplace, deciding that employee personality rights have precedence. Weiterlesen →

May the press report on tax evasion?

In recent days a debate in Germany has erupted about freedom of the press and the right to report on tax evasion cases. Words like reputation damage, defamation, invasion of privacy and breach of confidentiality in tax affairs have been used. Where should the line be drawn? Weiterlesen →

Publishing police searches on Facebook – a legal appraisal

Forces across North Rhine-Westphalia use Facebook to publish police searches. Is conducting police hunts via Facebook legal? Christian Solmecke, German lawyer and partner at WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE conducts an appraisal. Weiterlesen →

E-commerce: must businesses tolerate bad online reviews?

A business’ reputation can improve greatly through online reviews. But the consequences of negatives reviews can also be severe. In certain circumstances, online businesses can protect themselves from bad reviews. Weiterlesen →

Defamation on Facebook and its legal consequences

While Facebook connects friends, there are also instances of insulting and defamatory statements being made public. It can be particularly disheartening if users activate the Facebook’s ‘like’ button in relation to such content. But what are the legal consequences of defamation of Facebook? Weiterlesen →

Class-action lawsuit against Google rejected

A US federal court in Delaware has rejected a class-action lawsuit against Google. A group of consumers had claimed that Google had caused them harm by circumventing the privacy settings on Apple’s web browser Safari. Weiterlesen →

Google loses another auto-complete case

Google’s auto-complete function does not always produce favourable results. Incorrect entries showing someone in a bad light can damage a person’s reputation. A new decision by a court in Munich has clarified Google’s obligations with regard to false auto-complete entries. Weiterlesen →