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Microsoft resists US government warrant for foreign e-mail data

One of the world’s most prominent e-mail providers, Microsoft, has announced its resistance to a US government warrant seeking disclosure of e-mail data held in a data centre in Ireland.
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What does the right to be forgotten mean for you?

Following yesterday’s European Court of Justice judgment creating a “right to be forgotten”, we ask what this means for ordinary individuals. What are your rights? Can you now ask Google to delete hoards of personal data?
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ECJ declares Data Retention Directive invalid

In a commendable preliminary ruling, the European Court of Justice has declared the European Union’s Data Retention Directive invalid.  Weiterlesen →

ECJ to rule on data retention

The European Court of Justice is to hand down a judgment on 8 April 2014 on the retention of data. The court is currently assessing whether the EU’s data retention directive is compatible with the Charter of Fundamental Rights and in particular with the protection of family life and communications, personal data, freedom of thought and the right to “good administration”. Weiterlesen →

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in Facebook fraud video

A fake video purporting to show the wreckage of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been circulating on Facebook for the past few days. The video is called “Malaysia MH370” and promises sensational news of the missing plane that has occupied the media and the world. Weiterlesen →

Google Drive: phishing attack on Google users

Users of Google Drive and Google Docs should check their e-mails with care. It has been reported that criminals are using intricate phishing techniques to try to obtain access to personal information and commit identity theft. Weiterlesen →

Concerns over privacy as Facebook buys WhatsApp

The social media network, Facebook, has bought the messaging service WhatsApp for $19bn. With the deal comes concern over privacy and data protection. Some users have already turned their backs on the messaging service. Weiterlesen →

Phishing: Is the bank or the customer liable?

Following a recent increase in phishing attacks, we discussed the most commonly used phishing techniques. This article assesses the legal position concerning phishing. Is the bank or the customer liable for the loss caused by a phishing attack? Weiterlesen →

An overview of phishing techniques

The number of phishing attacks has been increasing in recent times. This article provides an overview of the phishing techniques used by fraudsters and includes some important tips on how to stay alert and protect your personal data. Weiterlesen →

Governments urged to strengthen international privacy law

At the 35th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, data protection and privacy commissioners adopted resolutions on a number of important privacy issues. Strengthening international privacy law and web tracking were just two interesting topics. Weiterlesen →