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E-commerce: buy now button entitled “send order” ruled illegal

Under e-commerce law, strict rules apply to the design of commercial websites. It is important that the “buy now” button clearly indicates to customers that by clicking it, they enter a financial obligation. Weiterlesen →

E-commerce: must businesses tolerate bad online reviews?

A business’ reputation can improve greatly through online reviews. But the consequences of negatives reviews can also be severe. In certain circumstances, online businesses can protect themselves from bad reviews. Weiterlesen →

Acceptance deadlines in e-commerce

E-commerce: how long can online businesses set in their general terms and conditions as a deadline for accepting customer orders? Is five days too long? A court in Germany recently handed down a ruling answering these questions. Weiterlesen →

Tell-a-friend function is illegal advertising

Germany’s Federal Court of Justice has ruled that the tell-a-friend function on online business’ website is comparable to illegal advertising. If such e-mails are sent to companies, they amount to an illegal interference in the business’ trade. Weiterlesen →

E-commerce in Germany: an overview of the current case law

E-commerce law: over the summer in Germany, a number of noteworthy judgments and decisions were handed down by the courts on the rights and duties of online businesses. We have summarised these court rulings so that you gain a broad picture of the law on e-commerce in Germany. Weiterlesen →

E-commerce: How to design a buy now button for a website

Under e-commerce law, strict rules apply to the design of commercial websites. It is important that the “buy now button” is clearly visible. Recent decisions by the courts in Germany show that a strict approach is being taken. Weiterlesen →

Toy safety: Warning label rules explained

Online businesses have to be aware of a plethora of consumer protection rules when selling products online. If toys are being sold, there is also a whole host of legislation designed to safeguard toy safety. If businesses get it wrong, they could face costly competition warning letters. Weiterlesen →

Facebook relaxes rules on contests and promotions

Facebook recently relaxed its rules on contests and promotions to make it easier for businesses to promote their products. While many businesses welcome the simplified measures, there are legal aspects to consider. Weiterlesen →

The legality of buying positive reviews to boost app sales

The topic of buying positive reviews is hotly debated. Now the discussion has engulfed Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Weiterlesen →

The legal and commercial consequences of SEO blackmail

In our series on the search engine optimisation (SEO) we have considered the legal issues surrounding SEO and so-called “negative SEO”. This article continues our SEO theme by looking at the legal and commercial consequences of negative SEO attacks and SEO blackmail on businesses. Weiterlesen →