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Huge wave of fake file sharing warning letters hits Germany

Thousands of internet users in Germany have received e-mails purporting to be from well-known German law firms active in the area of file sharing. The e-mails demand payment of up to €500. However, the e-mails are fake and part of a huge file sharing scam.
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File sharing: success for WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE against Sasse & Partner

WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE has had further success, this time in defending a file sharing claim brought by the German law firm Sasse & Partner. The court found that provided certain requirements are met, holiday home owners are not liable for the copyright infringements committed by tenants.
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The BGH on bank loan T&Cs and administration fees

Germany’s Federal Court of Justice recently ruled that banks are not permitted to charge administration fees when granting consumer loans, meaning that many bank customers can now bring claims for the reimbursement of administration fees they have paid. But when will the time limit expire.
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What does the right to be forgotten mean for you?

Following yesterday’s European Court of Justice judgment creating a “right to be forgotten”, we ask what this means for ordinary individuals. What are your rights? Can you now ask Google to delete hoards of personal data?
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Right to be forgotten: Victory for data protection supporters

The European Court of Justice held yesterday that the online search engine operator Google is subject to European data protection laws and must delete content when requested to do so by users. The judgment essentially creates a ‚right to be forgotten‘.
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Negative Amazon review leads trader to claim EUR 70,000 compensation

The Augsburger Allgemeine reports that an Amazon customer is being sued for EUR 70,000 after leaving a negative online review. The compensation is being sought by a trader, whose account was suspended, allegedly as a result of the negative review. Is the trader’s action justified?
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Redtube warning letters declared illegal

A court in Potsdam, Germany, has declared the infamous Redtube streaming warning letters, which were sent before Christmas, illegal. Weiterlesen →

ECJ declares Data Retention Directive invalid

In a commendable preliminary ruling, the European Court of Justice has declared the European Union’s Data Retention Directive invalid.  Weiterlesen →

Mortgage contracts: notice of right to cancel often void

The Hamburg consumer association reported recently on a surprising discovery following an investigation. Many ‘right to cancel’ clauses in mortgage contracts are erroneous and therefore void. Weiterlesen →

GEMA calls for fee on embedding copyright-protected YouTube videos

The collecting society, GEMA (Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte), has called for internet users to pay a licencing fee to embed copyright-protected YouTube videos on websites. Weiterlesen →