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Consumer rights: rescinding a contract in faulty goods cases

Under German law on the sale of goods, consumer rights are protected by a range of remedies for faulty goods. These include the right to rescind a contract if the defects are more than minor. But how does German law define “minor defects”. Find the answer here.
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eBay mistake: buyer transfers €1,000 instead of €9.50 for trousers

An eBay buyer has been granted a partial refund by a court in Germany accidentally transferring €1,000 for a pair of used trousers. The price she had meant to pay was €9.50. Weiterlesen →

Taxes on game show winnings under German law

A German court has handed down a ruling on game show winnings tax. Where knowledge and skill are required to win a game show, as opposed to chance, the game show winnings can be considered income and may be taxed. Weiterlesen →

Registering a domain name – the legal aspects to consider

In the coming weeks and months 800 top level domains will be created. Numerous new addresses will be made available to website operators. However, there are various aspects under German law to consider when registering a domain name. Here is an overview. Weiterlesen →

Incorporating standard T&Cs into district heating contracts

Germany’s Federal Court of Justice has handed down judgment in case concerning the requirements under German law for incorporating standard terms and conditions into district heating contracts concluded as a result of the conduct of the parties. Weiterlesen →

File sharing: suspected illegal fee arrangements leaked

The Pirate Party in Germany has leaked secret documents detailing suspected illegal fee arrangements between the law firm notorious for sending file sharing warning letters, U+C, and its clients. Weiterlesen →

Standard terms and conditions – a guide for businesses

Many businesses use standard terms and conditions to regulate their contractual relationships. Standard terms can make trading easier when a series of similar transactions are to be completed. Under German law there are several aspects to consider when designing standard terms. Weiterlesen →

Legal tips for the Christmas period

The Christmas period is known as a time of joy and happiness. But the mood can change if the boss asks you to work on Christmas Eve, or if the Christmas tree burns to a cinder shortly before you sit down to exchange presents. Find legal tips on Christmas here. Weiterlesen →

German law: E-cigarettes are not medicinal products

A court in Germany ruled in September that as e-cigarettes are not designed for therapeutic purposes, they are not medicinal products. However, permission was granted to appeal the ruling. Weiterlesen →

Ex-wife claims half lottery win despite 9 year separation

In a recent case, Germany’s Federal Court of Justice upheld a lower court judgment ordering a lottery winner to pay half of the money to his ex-wife although the couple had separated 9 years earlier. Weiterlesen →