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May the press report on tax evasion?

In recent days a debate in Germany has erupted about freedom of the press and the right to report on tax evasion cases. Words like reputation damage, defamation, invasion of privacy and breach of confidentiality in tax affairs have been used. Where should the line be drawn? Weiterlesen →

Redtube: law firm WBS presses charges in the streaming case

In the wake of the wave of streaming warning letters which were sent by German law firm Urmann + Collegen before Christmas, WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE has pressed criminal charges against all those involved. Here is an overview of the legal basis. Weiterlesen →

Supermarket theft and criminal damage – legal questions answered

Are you allowed to try a grape in a supermarket? Can you flick through a magazine? We answer legal questions on supermarket theft and criminal damage. Weiterlesen →

Man found innocent after parking in front of speed camera sensor

Germany’s Federal Court of Justice ruled in a recent case that a driver who parked his van in front of a speed camera sensor so that it could no longer record people speeding was innocent of any offence (case ref.: 1 StR 469/12). Weiterlesen →

Defamation on Facebook and its legal consequences

While Facebook connects friends, there are also instances of insulting and defamatory statements being made public. It can be particularly disheartening if users activate the Facebook’s ‘like’ button in relation to such content. But what are the legal consequences of defamation of Facebook? Weiterlesen →

Prosecutor prevented from seizing data in Gustl Mollath case

The case of Gustl Mollath’s alleged false imprisonment has been well publicised in Germany. To maintain a high profile, Mollath’s defence lawyer published documents concerning the case on his law firm’s website. State prosecutors have been prohibited from seizing the law firm’s server. Weiterlesen →

Facebook relaxes rules on contests and promotions

Facebook recently relaxed its rules on contests and promotions to make it easier for businesses to promote their products. While many businesses welcome the simplified measures, there are legal aspects to consider. Weiterlesen →

Bushido’s premises raided

Following criticism of German rapper Bushido’s new music video, “Stress without reason”, Berlin’s prosecution service has now commenced criminal proceedings. In light of the unacceptable lyrics in the video, the rapper should do well to anticipate civil consequences as well. Weiterlesen →

Rapper Bushido faces the music for crossing the line

The new music video from Bushido entitled “Stress without reason” has been sharply criticised. In light of the extreme lyrics, many believe the boundary to freedom of speech has been crossed and that the German rapper should face criminal and civil consequences. Weiterlesen →

Web host held liable for copyright infringements in Germany

In a landmark case, a court in Germany has decided that under German copyright law, web hosts can be held liable for copyright infringements committed by the websites they host. Weiterlesen →