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Breakthrough in US data protection negotiations

The USA has announced its intention to pass legislation which will allow European Union citizens not domiciled in the US to enforce their data protection rights. European Union Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship welcomed the announcement.
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Right to cancel: a legal hazard for estate agents

The European Union’s consumer rights directive has introduced a harmonised right to cancel for consumers. Particularly estate agents must ensure that they abide by the law. Failure to do so can lead to a loss of commission, even if services have already been performed.
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Right to be forgotten: Victory for data protection supporters

The European Court of Justice held yesterday that the online search engine operator Google is subject to European data protection laws and must delete content when requested to do so by users. The judgment essentially creates a ‚right to be forgotten‘.
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ECJ declares Data Retention Directive invalid

In a commendable preliminary ruling, the European Court of Justice has declared the European Union’s Data Retention Directive invalid.  Weiterlesen →

ECJ to rule on data retention

The European Court of Justice is to hand down a judgment on 8 April 2014 on the retention of data. The court is currently assessing whether the EU’s data retention directive is compatible with the Charter of Fundamental Rights and in particular with the protection of family life and communications, personal data, freedom of thought and the right to “good administration”. Weiterlesen →

EU funding programme Creative Europe under way

The EU funding programme, Creative Europe, which is designed to support projects in the cultural and creative sectors began on 1 January 2014. Weiterlesen →

German Ministry of Justice plans draft bill on data retention

Germany’s Ministry of Justice has announced plans to develop a draft bill on data retention. The Government, however, will await judgment from the European Court of Justice on the topic before introducing a formal bill. Weiterlesen →

Protection of trade secrets to strengthen under EU plans

Protecting trade secrets in the modern commercial world can be difficult. Across the EU there is discord as to what counts as a trade secret. While some member states have concrete definitions on the statute books, others have no clear legislative rules. Weiterlesen →

EU law on cosmetic products – an overview

The EU’s Regulation on cosmetic products came into force on 11.07.2013. The aim of the regulation is to ensure a high standard of security for consumers, whilst at the same time guaranteeing the free movement cosmetic products. Here is an overview of its main provisions. Weiterlesen →

Consumer rights: The right to withdraw from distance contracts

From 13 June 2014 the European Union’s consumer rights directive will take effect in Germany. For e-commerce consumers, there are important changes the right to withdraw from distance contracts. Here is a brief overview. Weiterlesen →