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ECJ: companies must not always provide their corporate address and identity as part of print ads

In a preliminary ruling of 30 March 2017 (Case C-146/16), the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided that in certain cases of printed advertising, it may be sufficient for businesses to provide the compulsory information about their corporate address and identity on the respective website given in the advertisement, rather than in the ad itself.

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What does the right to be forgotten mean for you?

Following yesterday’s European Court of Justice judgment creating a “right to be forgotten”, we ask what this means for ordinary individuals. What are your rights? Can you now ask Google to delete hoards of personal data?
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Right to be forgotten: Victory for data protection supporters

The European Court of Justice held yesterday that the online search engine operator Google is subject to European data protection laws and must delete content when requested to do so by users. The judgment essentially creates a ‚right to be forgotten‘.
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ECJ declares Data Retention Directive invalid

In a commendable preliminary ruling, the European Court of Justice has declared the European Union’s Data Retention Directive invalid.  Weiterlesen →

ECJ to rule on data retention

The European Court of Justice is to hand down a judgment on 8 April 2014 on the retention of data. The court is currently assessing whether the EU’s data retention directive is compatible with the Charter of Fundamental Rights and in particular with the protection of family life and communications, personal data, freedom of thought and the right to “good administration”. Weiterlesen →

ECJ: web links do not infringe copyright law

The European Court of Justice has ruled that providing web links to copyright-protected works which are freely available on the internet does not infringe copyright law. Weiterlesen →

German Ministry of Justice plans draft bill on data retention

Germany’s Ministry of Justice has announced plans to develop a draft bill on data retention. The Government, however, will await judgment from the European Court of Justice on the topic before introducing a formal bill. Weiterlesen →

Requiring digital fingerprints for passports is legal

The European Court of Justice recently held that it is legal for the authorities to require individuals to have their digital fingerprints taken before issuing a passport. The practice does infringe citizens’ personal rights, but is justified by the need to fight fraud. Weiterlesen →

Travel law: The rules on ticket refunds for delayed trains

Travel law and delayed trains: The European Court of Justice has handed down a judgment on passengers’ rights to a refund where trains are delayed by events beyond the train operators’ control. Passengers are entitled to receive a partial refund of the ticket price (26.09.2013 case ref.: C-509/11). Weiterlesen →

Does EU law on data retention breach fundamental rights?

Under the European Union’s data retention directive connection data of all Europeans can be saved for up to two years.

A case before the European Court of Justice seeks to challenge the legality this directive on the grounds that it breaches the EU’s Charter on Fundamental Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights. Weiterlesen →