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EuGH: Nur begrenzte Rechtswahl bei grenzüberschreitendem E-Commerce möglich

Der österreichische Konsumentenverein klagte gegen Amazon wegen der Verwendung einer Rechtswahlklausel in ihren AGB. Der EuGH entschied nun mit Urteil vom 28.7.2016 (Az. C-191/15), dass Rechtswahlklauseln unzulässig sind, sofern durch diese gesetzliche Verbraucherrechte des Heimatstaates eingeschränkt werden.

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The BGH on withdrawing an offer from eBay

E-commerce law: Germany’s Federal Court of Justice has specified the requirements which need to be present in order to effectively withdraw an eBay offer. Weiterlesen →

E-commerce: buy now button entitled “send order” ruled illegal

Under e-commerce law, strict rules apply to the design of commercial websites. It is important that the “buy now” button clearly indicates to customers that by clicking it, they enter a financial obligation. Weiterlesen →

E-commerce: must businesses tolerate bad online reviews?

A business’ reputation can improve greatly through online reviews. But the consequences of negatives reviews can also be severe. In certain circumstances, online businesses can protect themselves from bad reviews.

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Consumer rights: The right to withdraw from distance contracts

From 13 June 2014 the European Union’s consumer rights directive will take effect in Germany. For e-commerce consumers, there are important changes the right to withdraw from distance contracts. Here is a brief overview. Weiterlesen →

Acceptance deadlines in e-commerce

E-commerce: how long can online businesses set in their general terms and conditions as a deadline for accepting customer orders? Is five days too long? A court in Germany recently handed down a ruling answering these questions. Weiterlesen →

E-commerce in Germany: an overview of the current case law

E-commerce law: over the summer in Germany, a number of noteworthy judgments and decisions were handed down by the courts on the rights and duties of online businesses. We have summarised these court rulings so that you gain a broad picture of the law on e-commerce in Germany. Weiterlesen →

E-commerce: How to design a buy now button for a website

Under e-commerce law, strict rules apply to the design of commercial websites. It is important that the “buy now button” is clearly visible. Recent decisions by the courts in Germany show that a strict approach is being taken. Weiterlesen →

E-commerce: legal tips on product-related deception

With the rise of e-commerce and the ability of consumers to shop online, have come increased incidences of hacking, fraud and deception. Product-related deception is a crime which leaves internet users looking for legal answers as to what action to take. Here are some tips.

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Germany transposes EU directive on consumer rights

On 14.06.2013 the German parliament adopted new legislation transposing the European Union’s directive on consumer rights. The directive is designed to improve e-commerce and consumer rights. Here is an overview of the main provisions. Weiterlesen →