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The legal issues surrounding the iBeacon

At the end of 2013, Apple brought its new indoor proximity sensor technology, the iBeacon, onto the market. The technology enables smartphones and other devices in the local area to perform actions and receive notifications.  But what are the legal considerations?
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Breakthrough in US data protection negotiations

The USA has announced its intention to pass legislation which will allow European Union citizens not domiciled in the US to enforce their data protection rights. European Union Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship welcomed the announcement.
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What does the right to be forgotten mean for you?

Following yesterday’s European Court of Justice judgment creating a “right to be forgotten”, we ask what this means for ordinary individuals. What are your rights? Can you now ask Google to delete hoards of personal data?
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Right to be forgotten: Victory for data protection supporters

The European Court of Justice held yesterday that the online search engine operator Google is subject to European data protection laws and must delete content when requested to do so by users. The judgment essentially creates a ‚right to be forgotten‘.
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Concerns over privacy as Facebook buys WhatsApp

The social media network, Facebook, has bought the messaging service WhatsApp for $19bn. With the deal comes concern over privacy and data protection. Some users have already turned their backs on the messaging service. Weiterlesen →

Civilian drones and the legal issues surrounding their use

The days when drones were the reserve of hobbyists, technology fans and the military are long gone. Following an amendment to the German Aviation Act, civil drones are now recognised as aircraft. But what are the legal issues surrounding the use of civil drones? This article explains. Weiterlesen →

Defending against Facebook bullying – a practical challenge

The advantages of social networks are apparent. They allow people to stay in contact with millions of people worldwide by posting entries, links and comments. But what happens if the social network is used against you? Can you defend against Facebook bullying? Weiterlesen →

Governments urged to strengthen international privacy law

At the 35th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, data protection and privacy commissioners adopted resolutions on a number of important privacy issues. Strengthening international privacy law and web tracking were just two interesting topics. Weiterlesen →

Data protection commissioner to investigate Skype

The Data Protection Commissioner in Luxembourg has confirmed that he is commencing an investigation into Skype. The internet calling service is accused of passing on personal data to the US intelligence agency, the National Security Agency. Weiterlesen →

TV licence fee: data collection rule partially illegal

Since its introduction in January 2013, Germany’s new TV licence fee has been sharply criticised. Now a court in Germany has ruled that the method used to collect citizens’ personal data is partially illegal. Weiterlesen →