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Cologne court reacts to Redtube warning letter complaints

The Cologne district court has reacted to complaints about the Redtube streaming warning letters by issuing numerous decisions.
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WBS succeeds against Schulenberg & Schenk | File sharing

WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE has succeeded in another file sharing case, this time against the German law firm Schulenberg & Schenk.
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File sharing: Fareds sends warning letters abroad

The infamous German law firm, Fareds, has recently sent a file sharing warning letter to a foreign internet user.  The warning letter alleges that the film Dallas Buyers Club was illegally down and uploaded.
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Hotels and cafes to benefit from relaxed rules on file sharing

Proposed new legislation in Germany is to see a relaxation of the rules on file sharing that will make it less risky for hotel and cafe owners to allow their guests to use the internet.
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File sharing: success for WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE against Sasse & Partner

WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE has had further success, this time in defending a file sharing claim brought by the German law firm Sasse & Partner. The court found that provided certain requirements are met, holiday home owners are not liable for the copyright infringements committed by tenants.
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ECJ: creating cached copies does not infringe copyright law

When internet users browse the internet, cached copies of the pages they view are created. In a landmark judgment, the ECJ has ruled that such cached copies do not infringe copyright law. The judgment will have ramifications for the debate surrounding the legality of streaming.
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File sharing: rebutting the presumption of guilt

Under the current law on file sharing in Germany, there is a presumption of guilt against internet connection owner accused of infringing copyright through file sharing. This presumption can be rebutted under certain circumstances.
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Redtube warning letters declared illegal

A court in Potsdam, Germany, has declared the infamous Redtube streaming warning letters, which were sent before Christmas, illegal. Weiterlesen →

File sharing: judge rules family witness statements unreliable

In a questionable judgment on file sharing, a Cologne court has ruled that family witness statements can sometimes be unreliable. As a result, the owner of a family internet connection was held liable for infringing copyright, despite his two sons giving evidence absolving him. Weiterlesen →

Copyright infringement notice risk for using website ‚Popcorn Time‘

The website ‚Popcorn Time‘ is well-known amongst film buffs. However, warnings have been issued against using the supposed streaming website. In reality, the website is a file sharing platform which means users could receive costly copyright infringement notices. Weiterlesen →