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Consumer rights: rescinding a contract in faulty goods cases

Under German law on the sale of goods, consumer rights are protected by a range of remedies for faulty goods. These include the right to rescind a contract if the defects are more than minor. But how does German law define “minor defects”. Find the answer here.
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Threatening a negative credit rating entry can be illegal

Many people fear a bad credit rating. With this in mind, a court in Germany has confirmed that businesses must follow strict rules before threatening consumers with a negative credit rating entry. Weiterlesen →

EU law on cosmetic products – an overview

The EU’s Regulation on cosmetic products came into force on 11.07.2013. The aim of the regulation is to ensure a high standard of security for consumers, whilst at the same time guaranteeing the free movement cosmetic products. Here is an overview of its main provisions. Weiterlesen →

E-commerce: legal tips on product-related deception

With the rise of e-commerce and the ability of consumers to shop online, have come increased incidences of hacking, fraud and deception. Product-related deception is a crime which leaves internet users looking for legal answers as to what action to take. Here are some tips.

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Renewed warning about PayPal phishing e-mail

Recent studies show that 750 new phishing websites are discovered daily. As one of the most popular online payment services, PayPal is a prime target for hackers. Now online consumers are reporting of a new PayPal phishing e-mail scam. Weiterlesen →

Tchibo suspends accounts too!

After customers expressed anger at their Amazon accounts being suspended without warning, it has become clear that Tchibo also closes accounts if consumers return too many products. Weiterlesen →

Amazon sticks to its guns on account closures

Wilde Beuger Solmecke recently explained why Amazon’s aggressive tactic of closing customer accounts without warning is unlawful. One person contacted Amazon using the arguments we suggested and asked for his account to be re-activated. The reply he received is striking. Weiterlesen →

Schufa entry threats – are they legal?

It has emerged that businesses are permitted to threaten customers who fail to pay for products or services with a negative credit rating agency entry. However, threatening or drawing consumers’ attention to the possibility of a so-called Schufa entry may only occur under strict circumstances. Weiterlesen →

Apple guilty of e-book price fixing

In 2010 Apple was accused of conspiring with numerous publishers to artificially and illegally keep the price of e-books high. Now, a New York court has ruled that Apple played a central role in leading the price-fixing racket. Weiterlesen →

Is product placement in print media illegal?

Under German competition law, product placement is illegal on the radio; but what is the position regarding print media? Here is an overview from Wilde Beuger Solmecke. Weiterlesen →