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Print advertising and the duty to provide information

The courts in Germany have consistently applied advertising law principles which require businesses to provide background information in print advertising. Newspaper and other written publication advertising should contain detailed information on who has financed it. Weiterlesen →

Distribution agreement: the legality of banning eBay sales

Manufacturers are increasingly including clause in distribution agreements which ban distributors from selling their products on internet platforms such as eBay and Amazon. We take an in-depth look at the legality of such actions. Weiterlesen →

Germany’s Gold: ZDF and ARD cancel plans for joint project

Germany’s public broadcasters ZDF and ARD have decided to end a joint project aimed at creating a shared video-on-demand platform. The decision comes after the German Federal Cartel Office expressed concerns about compliance of the project with German competition law. Weiterlesen →

ZDF director expresses doubt about Germany’s Gold

A planned joint video-on-demand platform between ARD and ZDF, Germany’s public broadcasters, was supposed to be a flagship project. However, the plans have continually run into problems. Now ZDF director, Thomas Bellut is considering calling an end to the joint scheme. Weiterlesen →

Toy safety: Warning label rules explained

Online businesses have to be aware of a plethora of consumer protection rules when selling products online. If toys are being sold, there is also a whole host of legislation designed to safeguard toy safety. If businesses get it wrong, they could face costly competition warning letters. Weiterlesen →

Apple guilty of e-book price fixing

In 2010 Apple was accused of conspiring with numerous publishers to artificially and illegally keep the price of e-books high. Now, a New York court has ruled that Apple played a central role in leading the price-fixing racket. Weiterlesen →

Press publishers reject Google’s competition proposals

European newspaper and magazine publishers and their respective trade associations have called on the European Union’s competition commissioner, Joaquin Almunia, to reject proposal made by Google to address competition law worries. Weiterlesen →

German competition law: Germany’s Gold hangs in the balance

Plans to create a joint internet platform between ARD and ZDF called Germany’s Gold are hanging in the balance as head of ZDF Enterprises doubts the company’s willingness to yield to demands from Germany’s federal cartel office (Bundeskartellamt). Weiterlesen →

Emphasising monthly instalments breaches German competition law

A court in Germany has ruled that drawing consumers’ attention to the price of a product through over-emphasising monthly instalment amounts breaches German competition law. Weiterlesen →

The legal consequences of negative SEO

In the early days of search engine optimisation, bloggers began reporting a new phenomenon: that of SEO attacks. An SEO attack or “negative SEO” techniques are used to damage the ranking of a competitor’s website in search engine indexes in order to gain a competitive advantage. Weiterlesen →