MEDIA Programme: German media projects benefit from EU funding

In 2012 media projects in Germany received over 15 million euros in funding from the European Union’s MEDIA programme, representing 15.3% of all EU funding.

© benqook - Fotolia

© benqook – Fotolia

According to a report from Mediadesk Germany, a total of 154 projects from German distributors, producers and educational facilities, film festivals, promotion agencies, and numerous cinemas benefited from the funding.

Benefits of EU funding for media projects

Christiane Siemen, chief of Mediadesk explained, “The very positive results and tangible effects of EU funding for media projects are an indication of the benefits an increase in funding for the German film industry could bring.”

The majority of 2012 EU funding received by German media projects, around 5 million euros, was granted to film producers and distribution companies.

The MEDIA programme funding supports various aspects of film making including film development, financing and TV production.

Over 2012 German TV producers received around 4.2 million euros in funding from the EU’s MEDIA programme, which represents 13% of the total programme budget.

Innovation hub

The report from Mediadesk Germany highlights Germany’s position as an innovation hub for media projects. German pilot projects received 350,000 euros from the programme’s sub-category designed to support the development of technological distribution channels and digitalisation. Cinema screens received 480,000 euros of support from the MEDIA Programme.

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