Man responsible for Redtube warning letters gives interview

The man responsible for sending a wave of streaming warning letters before Christmas in the notorious Redtube case, Ralf Reichert, has spoken out in an interview with Zeit Online.

Man responsible for Redtube warning letters gives interview ©-cirquedesprit-Fotolia

Man responsible for Redtube warning letters gives interview ©-cirquedesprit-Fotolia

Redtube: streaming warning letters

The name Ralf Reichert was first mentioned in connection with the Redtube case, in which thousands of streaming warning letters were sent to internet users accusing them of committing copyright infringements, following investigations conducted by the law firm Weiß § Partner at the beginning of December 2013.

According to an entry in the commercial register, Mr Reichert had been a member of the administrative board of the supposed copyright holder, The Archive AG, since 08.11.2013.

In a long interview with Zeit Online, Reichert denies the accusations made against him, but offers no real explanation for the case.

The software Gladii 1.1.3 as a technical marvel

Accusations had arisen that the software, Gladii 1.1.3, had illegally been used to record the IP addresses of internet users later accused of breaching copyright through streaming.

Mr Reichert claimed to lack the technical expertise in order to answer questions about the software and stated only that The Archive AG had relied on expert reports that the software operated flawlessly and in accordance with the law.

Nevertheless, it may be worth noting that despite the fact that Mr Reichert himself claims that the logging software is unique, it was not The Archive AG that approached ITGuards, the company that designed the software. Instead, it was ITGuards that approached The Archive AG.

Copyright holder

In relation to questions about how The Archive AG managed to obtain the rights to films, which formed the subject of the warning letters, Mr Reichert avoided the question.

He simply states that when people have been in the branch for a quarter of a century, they build business connections. As a result, he was not able to say how contractual negotiations over the rights to the films came about.

If Mr Reichert is to be believed, the inconsistencies and accusations of fraud surrounding the Redtube case are all the product of nonsense and myth.

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