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A driving ban is a prohibition on operating a vehicle on the road. It can apply to a specific type of vehicle or to all vehicles.

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A driver who continually shows disregard for the rules of the road or commits gross misconduct can face a driving ban in accordance with § 25 of the German Road Traffic Act.

The German Catalogue of Motoring Offences prescribes driving bans for severe infringements of Germany’s road traffic law. Severe infringements include exceeding the speed limit by an excessive amount, running a red light or tailgating on the motorway. A driving ban can also be imposed if a driver commits a series of traffic offences.

The purpose of a driving ban is to demonstrate to a driver that their actions endangered other road users and will not be tolerated. A driving ban is designed to teach a driver to exercise better discipline in the future.

Avoiding a driving ban

The driving bans which are linked to specific traffic offences listed in Germany’s Catalogue of Motoring Offences must not necessarily be imposed in every case.

Where the accused lodges a formal appeal against the fixed penalty notice, the courts are not bound by the examples given in the Catalogue of Motoring Fines. Instead, the courts have discretion as to whether to order a driving ban after considering all the objective and subjective facts of the case.

If a driving ban would severely affect the defendant’s life, for example if they would be at risk of losing their job, the courts may choose not to impose a driving ban and may increase the fine instead.

Accordingly, the case law confirms that there are various ways of avoiding a driving ban.

Delaying a driving ban

Under § 25(2) of the German Road Traffic Act, a person who receives a driving ban after being convicted of a motoring offence can choose when the ban should commence.

For first-time offenders or drivers who have not been banned from driving in the previous two years, a driving ban comes into effect 4 months after the date on which the decision became legally binding. The convicted driver can therefore choose when to relinquish their driving licence within this timeframe.

Legal advice

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