Cologne court reacts to Redtube warning letter complaints

The Cologne district court has reacted to complaints about the Redtube streaming warning letters by issuing numerous decisions.
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Are streaming warning letters really becoming a reality?

After much debate following the RedTube debacle, is it really the case that streaming warming letters are becoming a reality? Will law firms succeed in claiming that streaming violates German copyright law? We answer these questions here.
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Redtube warning letters declared illegal

A court in Potsdam, Germany, has declared the infamous Redtube streaming warning letters, which were sent before Christmas, illegal. More →

Fraudulent YouTube warning letter in circulation

The consumer association in Brandenburg, Germany, has issued a warning about warning letters (Abmahnung) purporting to concern copyright infringements through streaming on YouTube. These letters are fraudulent. If you have received such a letter, here are some tips on what to do. More →

Court decision on Redtube warning letters – is streaming now legal?

A court in Hamburg, Germany, has prohibited further warning letters in their current form from being sent in the Redtube case. But does this mean that streaming is now officially legal? Is the Redtube warning letter fiasco finally over? More →

Man responsible for Redtube warning letters gives interview

The man responsible for sending a wave of streaming warning letters before Christmas in the notorious Redtube case, Ralf Reichert, has spoken out in an interview with Zeit Online. More →

Redtube: court annuls some disclosure orders

Before Christmas, thousands of warning letters were sent to internet users accusing them of infringing copyright through streaming. A court in Cologne has since annulled the disclosure orders upon which the Redtube warning letters were based. More →

Redtube: law firm WBS presses charges in the streaming case

In the wake of the wave of streaming warning letters which were sent by German law firm Urmann + Collegen before Christmas, WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE has pressed criminal charges against all those involved. Here is an overview of the legal basis. More →

Streaming: Will there be a second wave of warning letters?

There are reports in the media that a second wave of streaming warning letters will be sent by the German law firm Urmann & Collegen. Mr Urmann indicated in an interview with a Bavarian newspaper that further warning letters and legal steps will be taken. More →

Ministry of Justice: Streaming does not breach copyright law

According to Spiegel Online, Germany’s Ministry of Justice has given its opinion on streaming, saying that it does not infringe German copyright law. The clarification comes after a huge wave of copyright infringement letters was sent by the law firm Urmann & Collegen before Christmas. More →