Media Law

Newspaper advertorials must be clearly labelled as advertisements

The German Federal Court of Justice has ruled that newspaper advertorials should be clearly labelled with the word “advertisement”. More →

New criteria on state aid for the film industry published

The European Commission has published a revised version of the so-called ‘Cinema Communication’. The communication lays down assessment criteria for state aid in the film industry, including the production of films and other audio-visual works. More →

Sixt files lawsuit against German TV licence fee

Several months ago, the vehicle rental company Sixt vowed to bring a court action against the new TV licence fee in Germany. The company has now filed the relevant court documents. More →

An Egyptian court bans four TV stations

Positive reporting about the Muslim Brotherhood led an Egyptian court to ban four TV stations. More →

ARD and Producers’ Alliance agree transparency strategy

German public broadcaster ARD is continuing its efforts to boost transparency. It has joined forces with the German Producers Alliance to publish a new transparency and anti-corruption code of practice. More →

TV licence fee: data collection rule partially illegal

Since its introduction in January 2013, Germany’s new TV licence fee has been sharply criticised. Now a court in Germany has ruled that the method used to collect citizens’ personal data is partially illegal. More →

ZDF director expresses doubt about Germany’s Gold

A planned joint video-on-demand platform between ARD and ZDF, Germany’s public broadcasters, was supposed to be a flagship project. However, the plans have continually run into problems. Now ZDF director, Thomas Bellut is considering calling an end to the joint scheme. More →

Political parties wrangle over controversial TV licence fee

In January 2013 a new TV licence fee model was introduced in Germany. The topic is the subject of controversy, with businesses threatening to challenge the fee in the constitutional courts. With election fever now gripping Germany, the political parties have waded into the debate. More →

Sixt to battle new German TV licence fee

After receiving a bill for 717,000 euros for the first quarter of 2013, the vehicle rental company Sixt is to pursue a claim in the German courts against the new TV licence fee model. Sixt described the new model in a blog entry as “fee madness”. More →

WDR to disclose information under Freedom of Information Act

Germany’s Federal Administrative Court has decided that WDR is bound by the German Freedom of Information Act and must therefore publish information when it is requested. More →