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Facebook sued over disseminating “defamatory fake-news”

Social media such as Facebook are often misused for spreading hate speech and fake news. An important legal question in this respect is to what extent Facebook & Co. may be liable for potentially defamatory comments made by third parties. Just recently, an attorney filed for an injunction both against Facebook Ireland Ltd. and the author of the comments before Würzburg’s District Court (Landgericht Würzburg).

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The European Court of Justice declares the Safe Harbor Agreement invalid – what are the consequences of the judgment?

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has declared the Safe Harbor Agreement between the US Department of Commerce and the European Commission invalid. Thus, the ECJ confirmed the Opinion of the Advocate General Yves Bot of 23 September 2015, who came to the conclusion that the Safe Harbor Agreement with the United States violates data protections laws and is therefore legally invalid.

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Are you allowed to shoot down illegal drones?

The German train operator, Deutsche Bahn, recently announced it wants to use drones equipped with cameras to pursue graffiti sprayers. Since then, public concern over the use of drones and the dangers they bring has grown. More →

The legal aspects of cloud computing under copyright law

The popularity of cloud computing is increasing and with it the amount of copyright-protected material which is saved and edited with cloud computing services. Here is an overview of how cloud computing and the law on copyright interact. More →

Windows 8: Microsoft seeks injunction against Zeit Online

Microsoft has sought an injunction against the German online newspaper, Zeit Online, after it published misleading facts about security concerns in relation to Windows 8. The paper reported that the German government had issued a warning against using the operating system. More →

German government has concerns over Windows 8

While generally expressing support for increased IT security through the use of ‘Trusted Computing’ security systems, the German government has expressed some concerns as to their use together with Windows 8. More →

Google warned over dead-end enquiries inbox

The German Federation of Consumer Associations has sent a warning letter to Google about its dead-end customer enquiries e-mail address. More →

PayPal accounting error creates short-term billionaire

Thanks to an accounting error by the online payment service, PayPal, US citizen Chris Raynolds was temporarily able to call himself the richest man in the world. Naturally, the jubilation was short-lived. More →

The legal and commercial consequences of SEO blackmail

In our series on the search engine optimisation (SEO) we have considered the legal issues surrounding SEO and so-called “negative SEO”. This article continues our SEO theme by looking at the legal and commercial consequences of negative SEO attacks and SEO blackmail on businesses. More →

SEO and the law

Search engine marketing or search engine optimisation is becoming an important part of any business marketing strategy. Many internet users, consumers rarely go directly to a website. Instead, they let search engines such as Google or Yahoo do the work of finding a website. More →