Employment Law

Newspaper publishers demand exception to German minimum wage

The proposed new German minimum wage is a major topic of conversation in the country. The Federation of German Newspaper Publishers has also waded into the debate. More →

German employment law: Theft justifies dismissal without notice

Especially in retail, employees responsible for taking payments can come into contact with large sums of money. Employers therefore rely on being able to trust their employees. To protect employers, German employment law provides that employees who commit theft can be dismissed without notice. More →

German employment law: 3 euro wage considered exploitation

A tribunal has ruled that under German employment law, an hourly wage of 3 euros should be considered exploitation. Supplementary payments made by the employment agency to help low paid employees should be reimbursed by the employers, the court decided. More →

Is secret video surveillance in the workplace legal?

The German Employment Appeals Tribunal has set the record straight in a judgment on the use of secret video surveillance in the workplace, deciding that employee personality rights have precedence. More →

German employment law: employee fired for refusing to work

A court in Germany has ruled that under German employment law, an employee who refuses to work out of protest at low pay can be dismissed without notice. More →

German employment law and Christmas bonus rights

Under German employment law, employees who resign during the year may entitled to receive a Christmas bonus, or at least a share of a Christmas bonus. The way in which the Christmas bonus is calculated is decisive. More →

German employment law: Dismissal without notice for sleeping at work

German employment law: In a recent case heard by an employment tribunal in Germany, the judges gave guidance on dismissal without notice in cases where employees are caught sleeping at work. More →

Dismissed without notice for Facebook insult

An employee who insults their employer on Facebook by calling them “anti-social” can be dismissed without notice. However, employers do not have free reins in such situations. Read more for the latest developments in the German case law. More →

Employment law: contract of service -v- contract for service

What is the difference between a contract of service and a contract for service? When is a person employed and when are they a contractor? This fundamental employment law question recently came before the Employment Appeal Tribunal in Germany. More →

Dismissal without notice for “inappropriate” Facebook photos

Posting “inappropriate” photos on Facebook can lead to employees being dismissed. But what are the rules on dismissal without notice in such cases? This question is currently going through the German courts. More →