ECJ: companies must not always provide their corporate address and identity as part of print ads

In a preliminary ruling of 30 March 2017 (Case C-146/16), the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided that in certain cases of printed advertising, it may be sufficient for businesses to provide the compulsory information about their corporate address and identity on the respective website given in the advertisement, rather than in the ad itself.

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Right to cancel: a legal hazard for estate agents

The European Union’s consumer rights directive has introduced a harmonised right to cancel for consumers. Particularly estate agents must ensure that they abide by the law. Failure to do so can lead to a loss of commission, even if services have already been performed.
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Negative Amazon review leads trader to claim EUR 70,000 compensation

The Augsburger Allgemeine reports that an Amazon customer is being sued for EUR 70,000 after leaving a negative online review. The compensation is being sought by a trader, whose account was suspended, allegedly as a result of the negative review. Is the trader’s action justified?
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eBay mistake: buyer transfers €1,000 instead of €9.50 for trousers

An eBay buyer has been granted a partial refund by a court in Germany accidentally transferring €1,000 for a pair of used trousers. The price she had meant to pay was €9.50. More →

The BGH on withdrawing an offer from eBay

E-commerce law: Germany’s Federal Court of Justice has specified the requirements which need to be present in order to effectively withdraw an eBay offer. More →

E-commerce: buy now button entitled “send order” ruled illegal

Under e-commerce law, strict rules apply to the design of commercial websites. It is important that the “buy now” button clearly indicates to customers that by clicking it, they enter a financial obligation. More →

E-commerce: must businesses tolerate bad online reviews?

A business’ reputation can improve greatly through online reviews. But the consequences of negatives reviews can also be severe. In certain circumstances, online businesses can protect themselves from bad reviews.

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Consumer rights: The right to withdraw from distance contracts

From 13 June 2014 the European Union’s consumer rights directive will take effect in Germany. For e-commerce consumers, there are important changes the right to withdraw from distance contracts. Here is a brief overview. More →

Acceptance deadlines in e-commerce

E-commerce: how long can online businesses set in their general terms and conditions as a deadline for accepting customer orders? Is five days too long? A court in Germany recently handed down a ruling answering these questions. More →

Amazon not liable for e-book copyright infringement

A court in Germany recently ruled that the online shop Amazon cannot be held liable for copyright infringements contained in the e-books it sells. However, with an appeal likely, it remains to be seen whether the judgment will become legally binding. More →