Business Law

ECJ: companies must not always provide their corporate address and identity as part of print ads

In a preliminary ruling of 30 March 2017 (Case C-146/16), the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided that in certain cases of printed advertising, it may be sufficient for businesses to provide the compulsory information about their corporate address and identity on the respective website given in the advertisement, rather than in the ad itself.

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EU member states may adopt national legislation to counter collective redundancies

The European Court of Justice has recently decided (Judgement of 21 December 2016, C-201/15) that member states of the European Union may introduce national provisions in order to limit or prohibit collective redundancies by companies.

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The legal issues surrounding the iBeacon

At the end of 2013, Apple brought its new indoor proximity sensor technology, the iBeacon, onto the market. The technology enables smartphones and other devices in the local area to perform actions and receive notifications.  But what are the legal considerations?
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The BGH on bank loan T&Cs and administration fees

Germany’s Federal Court of Justice recently ruled that banks are not permitted to charge administration fees when granting consumer loans, meaning that many bank customers can now bring claims for the reimbursement of administration fees they have paid. But when will the time limit expire.
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Negative Amazon review leads trader to claim EUR 70,000 compensation

The Augsburger Allgemeine reports that an Amazon customer is being sued for EUR 70,000 after leaving a negative online review. The compensation is being sought by a trader, whose account was suspended, allegedly as a result of the negative review. Is the trader’s action justified?
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Right to cancel does not apply to customised online goods

When ordering goods online, consumers are given a special right to cancel the resulting contract. However, this is not the case if the product has been customised to suit their needs. We explain the rules on distance contracts and the right to cancel. More →

Bank held liable for investing pension money in shipping funds

A German court has ruled that shipping funds are not a suitable investment option for a pension scheme. The bank that made the investments has been ordered to pay compensation. More →

Dubai investment fund: ACI ordered to pay compensation

A court in Germany has ordered the operator of several Dubai investment funds, Alternative Capital Invest, to pay compensation to duped investors. More →

Print advertising and the duty to provide information

The courts in Germany have consistently applied advertising law principles which require businesses to provide background information in print advertising. Newspaper and other written publication advertising should contain detailed information on who has financed it. More →

Golden bears: the trademark struggle between Haribo and Lindt

The two world famous confectionery producers, Haribo and the Swiss chocolatier Lindt & Sprüngli, are locked in a bitter struggle over golden bear trademark rights. An appeal has now been lodged with the Cologne Higher Regional Court. More →