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Warning Letters by Waldorf Frommer related to “American Ultra”

Have you received a file sharing warning letter by Waldorf Frommer in relation to the title “American Ultra” and are now wondering what the next steps should be?

The number of warning letters by the law firm Waldorf Frommer regarding the movie “American Ultra” has increased significantly in the last weeks. The rights owner is a company called Tele München Fernseh GmbH + Co Produtionsgesellschaft with their place of business at Kaufingerstraße 24, 80331 Munich.

In the letter, Waldorf Frommer demands a cease and desist declaration and also makes payment claims resulting from an alleged copyright infringement. Waldorf Frommer generally accepts a total payment in the amount of 815,50 € to settle the matter.

Be sure not to acknowledge any claims made by Waldorf Frommer resulting from the alleged sharing of “American Ultra” on a file sharing platform without a detailed legal assessment of the matter. A legal consultation is definitely advisable as submitting a cease and desist declaration leads to a lasting and legally binding contract. Furthermore, the allegation that the internet subscriber is always and without exceptions liable for infringing activities done by third parties is not accurate.

Therefore, a legal evaluation is definitely worth it! We would be happy to discuss our possible future cooperation and assistance to you.

Do not hesitate to contact our Filesharing-hotline by calling 0221/9688 8173 73 and we will help you further (consultations throughout Germany).